Saturday, 15 October 2016

A new Sheriff in town...

Recently I stumbled upon a blog post on the world-wide webulator that you can read HERE informing the good folk of Gateshead that a new shop was opening in Sheriff's Hill, Gateshead, The post described a pop-up shop made out of the old Post Office and lovingly transformed into a pop-up store selling all manner of fantastic creative produce, it quite frankly looked awesome.

You can't miss this place as you drive through Sheriff's Hill
Fully loaded 'til next time!

Today it opened so me and and my two boys paid them a visit, the shop looks great, it really stands out in Sheriff's Hill, a viridian green store front filled with some excellent produce, and it REALLY lifts up the area and raises the bar for new businesses.

Alfie entered the shop with a visible excitement on his face eager to spend some of his savings which have been burning an hole in his pocket since he first laid hands on them.

The shop is run by Laura and Jon in an old post office (not that you'd ever guess!) it's been painstakingly transformed into an absolute gem for Gateshead and it even has a cool custom made mosaic on the floor as you enter. The products in the shop have a real sense of humour and is totally unique from bespoke home-wares, to clothes, jazzy jewellry and epic school stuff too. To top it off all the things are really affordable.

We bought some ace presents and the boys could get stuff out of their money box savings, Alfie is over the moon with his new pencil case with was hot off the press made specially by Laura as we waited, we bought a cheeky biscuit tin as anyone who comes to our house realises we fly through biscuits at a ridiculous rate (Cookie Monster ain't got nothing on the Page Posse when it comes to biscuits).

Alf's custom made pencil case
I need these lights!

At present the shop is open on Saturdays but they have a website which is and is well worth a visit.

Frankie and Alfie definitely gave this the big thumbs up and reckon it's unique and they love the fact you can create your own things and it's near our house too! 

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