Monday, 3 April 2017

The Secret Slide

We found Robson's Mill Junior Play Area by chance in Windmills Hills a while back and it's EPIC! It was a sunny day and we could see a long wavy line shining in the distance as we walked through Windmill Hills Park in Gateshead. Upon further inspection it turned out to be a really cool stainless steel slide, that just happened to be be really good fun. We spent around 30 minutes just having a laugh on the slide and to get back to the top you need to climb up ropes and slopes which just multiplies the fun!

Map Location:

The slide is situated behind the Windmill Hills Estate in Gateshead and is a true inner city park, within a lovely park walk. It's a great addition to break down a long walk to town if you're coming over from Bensham with the kids.

Oh! and did we mention the view is REALLY good on a clear day!

Can you see the slide?

When you see this you'll know you are here
Don't think Alf could contain his excitement

Up the logs 'n ladders 
A proper lush view! 
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