Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Quick & cheap super skinny flatbread pizzas

After Pam from Arch Sixteen café on High Level parade in Gateshead told us a great idea about making some healthy pizzas using flatbread from the Coatsworth Rd, we thought me and the boys would rustle up an healthy treat for tea, and decided to pay a visit to Adam's on Coatsworth Road in Bensham, Gateshead (highly recommended you give it a go) Adam's is a world food shop which combines excellent worldwide produce, fruit, vegetables and a really affordable Halal butchers with excellent friendly customer service.

Frankie gives it the thumbs up

Alfie loves Adam's (Coatsworth Road) not sure what's going on with his hair mind!

Alfie's generous tomato flavours 

No sharp tools required

Alfie adds the tomato base

Make it look pretty them whack it in the oven!

Ready to eat

So we got some tomato paste and some Ricotta cheese (in hindsight get mozzarella as Ricotta doesn't melt, even so it still tastes nice!... schoolboy error!) we added some fried chicken cubes and whacked it in the oven for about ten minutes, then added some fresh basil and they tasted deeeeee-licious!

Chicken cubes (lightly fried)
Tomato Puree/paste
Cheese (ie: Mozzarella)
Fresh Basil

As per usual, we let the boys cook there food as we think cookings an excellent life skill to possess. This is a really good teatime meal, and didn't cost the earth, and we got to support an awesome local business in the process. Good times!
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