Thursday, 17 November 2016

Heaton Perk

So I finished a nicely productive art workshop the other day in Walker, Newcastle then en-route home got lost in deepest Heaton, which in hindsight was a very special thing as I found Heaton Perk, an effortlessly cool café (Yeah, yeah!... i know you all think I exist inside cafés, but they're a great place to get things done!) as I drove past I noticed the logo in the window which is a kind of cheeky remix of Central Perk from love-it-or-hate-it U.S. sitcom Friends, but it works so I popped in and it's uncannily like stepping back into the 50's, it's just the way it is and trust me, it's rather fantastic to say the least, a little shabby chic in part (god! I hate that term!) but it makes the place feel really homely.. again in a 1950's kinda way!

This place offers some tasty looking food, and more essentially fully stocked cabinet of home-made cakes and buns even the legendary Tunnocks Caramel biscuits which in my book is an hands down winner.

On the way out i noticed a rather well stocked classic sweets section with some old school classics which i'd missed on the way in, so i'll definitely be making a return visit here with the family as the meals look very appealing and the coffee was very good plus I really fancy a pack of Refreshers.


Address105 Heaton Park Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone: 0191 276 2000

Seriously delicious Bakewell Tart

Seems a great place to catch up on some work!

Cakes & buns
A mans best friend!!! 

I had a slab of Bakewell Tart and a flat white, even the crockery is of a 50's vibe, I even sat at a proper cool formica table and stared for ages at the surrounding in a place which feels like it's a real part of a community, with dead friendly staff

This would be ace place to bring the kids too!

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