Saturday, 29 April 2017

Let's go fly a kite

It was half-term last week, so we took half a day off from work and decided to fly our new kite in Tynemouth. It's just a cheap kite which looks like a flying shark, and loads of people stopped to chat about it. It was an beautiful day in Tynemouth really sunny with good wind too.

Ready for launch
Best £4.99 ever spent
Frank's on the controls

The Kite was from Aldi and cost a measly £4.99 and is a really good flyer, takes a while to get your head around why it somersaults and how to stop/correct it (just pull the string in the opposite direction)

Buy Kite:

Tip: sun protection cream is advised here as you don't notice the heat with the wind!

Cullercoats: A former artists community

Walking down the fenceless sea defence is somewhat airy and a tad scary!
We played for ages with the kite before nearly crashing it into two dog-walkers we then decided to it might be a good idea to walk towards an adventure playground and accidentally found Cullercoats which has a really nice flat beach for playing games on with a really calm bay which is excellent for paddling, skimming etc.

The boys climbing over loads of rock pools
Proper good fun
There are loads of open caves and interesting rock faces to explore

We went round the back of Cullercoats harbour and found loads of rock pools and caves which the boys loved, playing skimmers into the sea, and climbing on the rocks

Cullercoats Church
To save a bit of money we parked up outside Cullercoats church as it's free on the main road, which meant we could go either way to Tynemouth or Cullercoats, we decided to do both!

Trainee Kayakers
We sat and watched people learning to kayak on the lifeboat launch ramp as the sun set over the North Sea, then climbed the hill back to the chippy for some essential energy then saw an awesome american car and decided we're all saving up to get one of these supercool beasts before driving back to Gateshead as the boys fell asleep in the car.

Dream Machine

Take a towel or something to lie on
Have something to eat before you set off as this stops the kids asking for things all the time!

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