Monday, 28 November 2016

We're Making a Super Soup

When it's cold there's not much better than hot soup and bread to get rid of them there chills people!

A box of seriously vibrant tomatoes for a quid

While generally browsing around my favourite shop, Adams on Coatsworth Road I noticed a very jazzy box of tomatoes and asked how much they were, I immediately bought them when the man behind the counter said £1 thinking we could make an awesome soup rammed with vitamin C (which is handy through winter when the sun goes into hiding) and seriously tasty, we picked up some fresh basil too, as you may or may not know Tomatoes, basil and salt are best mates in the food world. Some of the tomatoes were a bit soft or had blemishes etc on them, but just cut it off as this doesn't effect the soups taste.

This soup is pretty easy to make, chop an onion fry it off, slice a carrot finely chuck it into the olive oil and brown. Cut all the tomatoes roughly and get them into the pan (we use the skin, juices and seeds, but you can takes them out/off if you can be bothered) get a big dollop of any tomato puree into the mix and add some salt to season and some sugar to balance the acidity of the tomatoes (If you're not a great fan of sugar you could remove this bit!)

Once the Soup has been simmering away taste and see if it needs any more salt or sugar (don't go crazy, mind as we're trying to keep things healthy, right!), then tear in the fresh basil, before blending with an hand blender, and serving straight into bowls with a generous grating of parmesan cheese (or whatever cheese floats your boat).

Other than having some nice food which the kids help make, we also like to put some money into a local businesses till. You should go down the Coatsworth Road in Bensham it's great, loads of diversity, variety and great food to try from fresh Bagels from the Jewish Bakery, outstanding Kurdish Flatbreads, seriously pocket friendly Shawarmas and freshly butchered Halal meat and mountains of different fruit and veg from Adam's all served with a smile and some genuinely good customer service!

We buy this as you get a lovely can to use for a variety of things afterwards

Proper 'soul' food 
Brown the onions and soften the carrot for ten minutes

Add fresh torn basil to give it an Italian flavour

Just use a blender to wizz it all together (make sure you put the blades to the bottom)

Tuck in!
It's a thumbs up from Alf!

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