Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Start your day at The McCrouzer Café

It's Monday, at the end of October, the sunlight is nothing short of fantastic, it's warm and the parcel man is unnaturally keen turning up at 9.00am, and i'm hungry... So I'm having a treat at the McCrouzer Café in Sandyford, Newcastle.

The McCrouzer's Bacon, Sausage and poached egg on fresh bread is the stuff of legend, alongside a flat white and watching the world go by (I know you think I should get a job, but I'm happy, OK!). But it's not to be as Dave & Dom's oven is kaputt, so Dave sidekicks his way out of a predicament and think's out of the box and makes it in his toasty machine instead and it was superb! and it only cost £5.60 in total: sandwich (£3.50) and the coffee (£2.10)... good times!

Toasted Bacon, Sausage & Poached Egg 

Hotdesking in the therapeutic autumnal sunlight

The McCrouzer opened in September 2015 long before I arrived in the 'Toon... I found the McCrouzer by accident while 'on the mooch' on my pushbike when I first arrived in Newcastle, helping my wife find her university campus. It's a understated but nice corner cafe in a quite residential estate not far from the university campus. The service is very welcoming, and the light in the café is rather nice on an Autumn morning.

One thing I always notice when I sit in the café is the music is always well selected, the perfect accompaniment to your food & drink!

I'd seriously recommend you find this spot, and go early doors while the students are still in bed, and get breakfast or go wild and get something else but it's a really good way to start the day, and see another often 'passed-by' part of the city.

McCrouzer Café: 11-15 Starbeck Avenue, NE2 1RH • 07549 051 040

Website: http://www.mccrouzer.com
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